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By Ralph Merrifield and Lenny Smith,
Copyright 1996,  New Jerusalem Music
P.O. Box 225, Clarksboro NJ 08020 USA




I originally wrote "Splendor and Majesty" January 9, 1993
(based on I Chronicles 16:24-27), and modified it
while navigating bumper-to-bumper commuter traffic
on Route 128 (just south of Boston Massachusetts) !

Several New Hope musicians recorded the instrumental background
on 4-track DAT cassette in the dark, unfinished basement of a friend in Westboro MA.

See more pictures on our "We Declare Your Glory" page.
A few months later (in the back room of another friend's mobile home ! ),
Julie Joyner  added the vocals.

Original 1993 version ( MP3 format).
Splendor And Majesty 


Brentwood Music in Nashville showed an early interest in that version of the song, but they
didn't have any projects in the works that matched the style. I wrote verses 2 & 3 at their request.  
Original Lyrics (3 verses)


Lenny Smith

In the Spring of 1996,
Lenny Smith called to see if I'd like to do some co-writing with him
(New Hope and New Jerusalem Music happened to be next to each other
alphabetically in the CCLI Publishers List !)

After listening to all my recordings, he asked permission to
reshape the lyrics and melody of "Splendor and Majesty",
and that is how it came to have its current form.

Lenny has shared the music with many since then.
Tom Fettke and Lillenas Publishing expressed an early interest
to do an arrangement for choir.
Fred Bock Music Company
also desired to write a choir arrangement and include it in a songbook,
but we decided not to accept these initial offers.  

In March 2004, Hal Leonard was the first to published it in their 
"Praise And Worship Fake Book".  

In 2006, Fred Bock Music Company published a Tom Fettke arrangement.

Music producers have shared it with Christian recording artists/songwriters
(Kim Hill, Ron Kenoly, Phil Driscoll, Ken Copeland, Henry Smith,
Don Moen) and more arrangements are in the works.
Lenny Smith sang it in his concerts.

Only God knows His plan for "Splendor And Majesty".
He will open the doors He wants opened,
and close the doors He wants closed.
God is in control !    Hallelujah !!

Thank you for the part you have
in sharing this song with others...

- Ralph Merrifield