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By Ralph Merrifield and Lenny Smith,
Copyright 1996,  New Jerusalem Music
P.O. Box 225, Clarksboro NJ 08020 USA




"I was listening to 'Splendor and Majesty',
and it has awakened something deep and spiritual inside of me.
I am definitely going to get my junior choir to do it...
I'm excited to get started with a masterpiece such as (this)."

(Liz, in South Africa)

"I love the song Splendor & Majesty very much.
Could you send the SATB of this song written by John Roseti..."

(Ben, from Surabaya, Indonesia)

This morning was the 4th week of our new fellowship.  We had 21 in the service and a multi-cultural environment once again.... 
The congregation sang, "Splendor and Majesty" at the beginning of the service with yours truly singing the verse as a solo...  I played the original
recording throughout the 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service so the congregation would be familiar, then on cue we began
singing the song with prayerful worship and even I was shocked as to the reception of this song.
(Jean-Claude, from Florida)

...one of the most majestic praise songs
I have ever been privileged to arrange and perform. 

(Larrie Dee, arranger from

"Last night during choir practice, my Mother informed me that 
she heard the song "Splendor and Majesty" being sung on our local Christian radio station. 
The Lord is really using that beautiful song... you are blessing South Africa with your compositions."  
(Liz, in South Africa)

The song "Splendor and Majesty" is bound to be another Christian Classic, 
well suited for church congregational singing, or solo expression."
(Mark R. Weston, Christian arranger)

"one of the best worship choruses on the Internet"
(Richard Garber, from North Carolina)

"the song (and the words) ministered to my sister and she
felt refreshed and edified... she played the song over and over...
there is something very special about that song."

(Email from one person who heard it Elton Smith's MIDI
sent a copy to her sister, who was "physically tired and spiritually low.")

"We just don't know all the ways the Lord uses our songs.
Recently I showed our song, "Splendor and Majesty"
to a trained organist and his soloist wife.
Both these people have had their ministry somewhat
"side-tracked" for the past several years.
They, in fact, have just about "given up" and are not even practicing.

Well, "Splendor and Majesty" seems to have acted like a hook in the mouth
drawing them both back to their calling!  They are playing and singing it daily and the glow is returning to their faces! 
They are even getting the piano tuned and have recently cleared it off and polished it!
The thing that delights me most is that they are doing again all the old songs they also do so well.  Ralph, thank you for
allowing me to take your songand re-work it and be a part of creating this classic! I love this song!"
(Lenny Smith, composer of "Our God Reigns", from New Jersey)

We want to perform "Splendor And Majesty", "Center Of My Soul" and 
"If We Walk In The Light" at our annual Aboriginal Regional...  
my little group is wanting to liven and modernize our music and improve the quality of our service...
We feel it is so important for our young people.   
(Robyn & Rongo, from Australia)

Only God knows His plan for "Splendor And Majesty".
He will open the doors He wants opened,
and close the doors He wants closed.
God is in control !    Hallelujah !!

Thank you for the part you have
in sharing this song with others...

- Ralph Merrifield