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If you have the time and resources
to help us translate our songs into new languages,
please write to us !!   (Spanish, Chinese, French, 
Portuguese, Brazilian, African & Asian dialects...)
We want to encourage more through our songs !


I was almost finding it difficult to get new music
pieces to use in my church after my appointment as the
music director. Getting to your site is a great
blessing. Some of the songs will be translated into
Yoruba (Nigerian language).  The Lord will
increase His anointing upon your life.

(BAMIGBOLA J.O.A, Nigeria)




Thanks for your interest in translating our songs !!!

Might I suggest starting with "Now Our God", a very simple song of thanksgiving.  Here are the lyrics...


1.  Now our God we give thanks to You
For all the things You have done
You've shown Your grace 
in so many ways
Your mercy and kindness and power

We thank You, thank You, thank You Lord
We thank You, thank You, thank You Lord

2.  Now our God we give love to You
For all the things You have done
You've shown Your grace 
in so many ways
Your mercy and kindness and power

We love You, love You, love You Lord
We love You, love You, love You Lord

3.  Now our God we give praise to You
For all the things You have done
You've shown Your grace 
in so many ways
Your mercy and kindness and power

We praise You, praise You, praise You Lord
We praise You, praise You, praise You Lord


I suggest that you translate the lyrics, word for word, then try to sing them to the melody (listening to the MIDI file).  Then change the lyrics so they better match the melody.  It's alright to have two notes for one word, or two words for one note.

You can take each line and say the same thing in a different way.  For example "I love You Lord" can be changed to "I adore you Father" if they better match the melody in your language.

Then email me the results (your translated lyrics and what they mean in English) and lets see what they look like!

You can also view the song and download the MIDI/sheet music files at http://newhopemusic.com/songs.n-r/nowourgod.htm

Hopefully we can encourage many around the world through your contribution.

Your partner in His service,

Ralph Merrifield, New Hope Music


P.S. I  understand that, in translation, changes typically need to be made.  Some foreign words have 4-5 syllables for one English syllable!  Some English words doesn't have an exact match in the language. At times, beats needs to be added or subtracted for the melody to match.  As long as the general concepts of each song stays the same, I'm fine with these types of changes.  I just want our songs to bless the people around the world  :)




What a delight to hear from you!

I would love your assistance in translating our songs, 
so that many more might be encouraged.

Please tell me more about yourself and send pictures of you and your church.

If you record your friends singing our songs in your language, 
I'll even post them to the web site as a ministry to others around the world!

Let me know what songs are of interest to you? 
Some possible songs to translate can be found at

Songs Of New Hope

Public Worship Choruses

You can also see how others have translated the songs at the web site

Translation - Main Page


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I look forward to hearing from you...

Your partner in the service of Christ,


Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music


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