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Finally someone who understands that musicians need
sheet music or chords to go with the words."  

(Remender, from




I just wanted you to know that I love your site 
with all the free songs of worship and praise. 
I sing in my church and I'm going to learn some of them 
and teach them to the congregation.  May God continue to 
bless your ministry of song and music. 
(Claudia, from Canada)

I recently joined a group that plays at Sunday service kids session. 
I was listening to the music at your website. 
We have download a lot of the sheet music. Your site is great!!! 

(Irene, from New Jersey)

Free to Download

"Praise & Worship" Collection (50 songs)

"Songs For Kids" Collection (50 songs)


Several volunteers have transcribed many New Hope songs
into PDF format.  Thank you brothers !!!

If any of you have the time and resources to
create PDF sheet music,
I need help in arranging
over more New Hope songs!

NOTE:  There are many musicwrite programs available.
Many publishers use "Finale"'
The Cyberhymnal uses "Noteworthy"
Adrian V. Miller uses 'Encore" by G-Vox, 
who also sell a less expensive program called "MusicTime de Luxe".

Ralph's E-mail

Left click on any link below to view the PDF file.
Right click and "Save Target As..."
to download to your computer.


I just thought I would send a note thanking you for allowing your song 
“When I Am Afraid” to be in the public domain for non-profit use.  It’s a great song 
and aligns perfectly with the Psalm I am trying to teach my pre-schoolers at church.  
I found it late last night needing a song for this morning.  Since you had both the 
audio recording and the sheet music available I was easily able to learn the 
song in order to teach it today. 
(Rachel, from Gordon College in Massachusetts)



Johan Komrij

Link to Johan's Sheet Music collection

Fred Scorza

As The Trees

Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

He Shall Be Called (lead sheet)

He Shall Be Called (lead sheet)

He Shall Be Called (SATB choir)

He Shall Be Called (SATB choir)

Hosanna (It's Jesus!)

Mighty One

Search Me O God

Splendor and Majesty

Splendor and Majesty

Lars Lovegren

Born 1947, East Stroudsburg, PA.   Both parents active American Baptists as were their families several generations back.  I proudly claim kinship with F. O. Nelson, who founded the Swedish Baptist Church in Sweden and in North America.  His brother was my 2-great-grandfather. When my we moved to Spring Grove, PA in 1952, we lived across the street from a Lutheran church while the closest Baptist church was 10 miles away.  When we joined the Lutheran church, several of my grandfather's generation were still bitter over their great-uncle's persecution by Lutheran state church in Sweden.

Became musically competent in high school as both a singer and instrumentalist (tuba and bassoon).  Graduated from Lebanon Valley College, Annville PA 1969 with Music Ed.but never taught music.  Attended Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg for 1 year.  Since 1972, employed as caseworker by PA Dept of Public Welfare determining eligibility for Medicaid and Food Stamps.
I've been a member of several community choruses, have sung some amateur opera.  Active at church iwithchoir and handbell choir.
I've been arranging music for about 5 years, setting almost a thousand pieces of medieval & renaissance repertoire found on WWW for an early music trio that I've been with since 1983.  We perform on recorders, natural flutes, krumhorns, virginal, plucked psaltery, and we all sing.
I've also set familiar SATBs of about 80 Christmas carols on single-page scores for intermediate instrumentalists so that all players read from the same score to accompany singers.  (Will gladly share a limited set with any of your site's visitors.  I'm hoping to sell pdfs of the whole set for about $20/set.)
My interest in religious music ranges from Gregorian chant and medieval carols thru shaped-note hymns in Southern Harmony and Sacred Harp.  I'm especially fond of the Christmas SATBs by Alfred Burt known as The Burt Carols. 
I found New Hope Music while looking for Advent and Christmas music on CyberHymnal 2 years ago.  My 3 kids, Sarah, Jacob and Hannah have been a big hit at church, singing "He Shall Be Called" for Advent programs the last 2 years.
I'm not a fan of most contemporary music, preferring to wait until the good stuff establishes itself as future classics.  I believe many of your pieces will survive this process and still be sung 50 or more years from now.  Your music is the first I have done making SATB harmonizations.

Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem  SATB Arrangement

How Awesome Is This Place  SATB Arrangement

Now Our God  SATB Arrangement

In The Splendor Of Your Courts  SATB Arrangement

By Your Abundant Love  SATB Arrangement

God's True Son (original lyrics by Lars Lovegren)

Logan J. Smith

As The Trees (band arrangement)

Open My Eyes  (band arrangement)

Open My Eyes  (lead sheet)

** Logan's Web Site **

Bob Sorem
SATB arrangements 

Yours Is The Day    

More Of You Lord

In My Father's Hands



Samson Ayez

Download our
New Urdu Songbook !

Ralph's rough scan of a
wonderful Urdu songbook
created by Samson Daniel




Adrian V. Miller
(Adobe Acrobat 5.0 format)


NOTE: Need a Key Change for any of these songs or hymns?
Forward your request by e-mail to Adrian V. Miller:
and it will be mailed to you.



Abba Father   NH-Abba-(CM).pdf

And This I Pray   NH-ThisIPray-(DM).mid

Anything   NH-Anything-(CM).pdf

As The Trees    NH-Trees-2(GM).pdf

Before The Coming Lord    NH-ComingLord-(DM).pdf

Benediction    NH-Bless-1(GM).pdf

Benediction (Numbers 6:25-26)    NH-Benediction-(CM).pdf

Bless The Lord (Calypso)   NH-Bless-2(CM).pdf

Bringing The Presence Of Jesus   NH-Presence-1(CM).pdf

By The Mercies Of God    NH-Mercies-1(GM).pdf

By Your Abundant Love    NH-Abundant-(EM).pdf

Center Of My Soul    NH-Center-1(CM).pdf

Children Of Light    NH-Children-(DM).pdf

Come To Me    NH-ComeToMe-(DM).pdf

Content In All Things (key of D)  NH-Content-1(DM).pdf

Content In All Things (key of F)  NH-Content-1(FM).pdf

Do Not Fear    NH-DoNotFear-(CM).pdf

Doxology Round   NH-Doxology-(DM).pdf

Evening Prayer    NH-EveningPrayer-(CM).pdf

Face To Face    NH-FaceToFace-2(DM).pdf

Faithful Is The Lord   NH-Faithful-(DM).pdf

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made    NH-Fearfully-(EM).pdf

Glory To The Righteous One    NH-Glory-2(DM).pdf

God Is Everywhere    NH-Godis-1(GM).pdf

God Is Our Refuge   NH-Refuge-(CM).pdf

God Made You   GodMade-(DM).pdf

Gracious And Merciful   NH-Gracious-1(CM).pdf

Great And Marvelous   NH-Marvelous-(CM).pdf

Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord    NH-Hallelujah-1(EM).pdf

Have You Ever Heard...?    NH-Heard-(GM).pdf

He Has Shown You    NH-ShownYou-(EM).pdf

He Shall Be Called (key of C)    NH-Called-1(CM).pdf

He Shall Be Called (key of B flat)    NH-Called-1(BbM).pdf

He Shall Be Called (key of A)    NH-Called-1(AM).pdf

Heavens and Earth    NH-Heavens-1(DM).pdf

Help Me To Appreciate   NH-Appreciate-(CM).pdf

His Grace Is Sufficient   NH-HisGrace-(CM).pdf

Holy, Holy, Holy    NH-Holy-1(DM).pdf

Holy And Awesome    NH-Awesome-2(CM).pdf

Holy One Of Israel    Holy_One_Of_Israel_(D)-score.pdf

Hosanna (It's Jesus!)    NH-Hosanna-(GM).pdf

How Awesome Is This Place    NH-Place-1(DM).pdf

How Precious Is Your Love (Gustafson)    NH-Love-1(D-F-DM)2.pdf

How Precious Is Your Love    NH-Precious Love-(CM).pdf

Hush My Little Loved One    NH-Hush-(DM).pdf

I Am Persuaded   NH-Persuaded-(DM).pdf

I Am The Vine   NH-IAmTheVine-(CM).pdf

I Have Called You   NH-I Have Called You-(CM).pdf

I Wait For The Lord   NH-Wait-2(EM).pdf

I Was Glad   NH-Glad-(DM).pdf

I Will Give Thanks  (key of C)   NH-I WillGiveThanks-(CM).pdf

I Will Give Thanks  (key of D)    NH-I WillGiveThanks-(DM).pdf

I Will Go    NH-IWillGo-(GM).pdf

I Will Lift Up My Eyes   NH-LiftEyes-(EM).pdf

I Will Walk   NH-Walk-1(DM).pdf

If We Walk In The Light   NH-WalkInLight.pdf

I'm Grateful For The Cross    NH-TheCross-(DM).pdf

In The Splendor Of Your Courts   NH-Splendor-1(CM).pdf

It Is Good (key of C)   NH-It Is Good-(CM).pdf

It Is Good (key of D)   NH-It Is Good-(DM).pdf

Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem    NH-Born-1(GM).pdf

Land That Drinks In the Rain    NH-Land-1(CM).pdf

Lead Me To The Rock    NH-Rock-(CM).pdf

Let Your Light Shine    NH-Shine-(CM).pdf

Let's Just Love The Lord    NH-NoTitle-(EM).pdf

Like A Green Tree   NH-GreenTree-(CM).pdf

Like The Rising Sun   NH-RisingSun-1(DM).pdf

May God Be Gracious   NH-Gracious-2(GM).pdf

May You Be Exalted   NH-Exalted-(EM).pdf

Make Your Way Clearer   NH-Clearer-(AM).pdf

Mighty One    NH-MightyOne-(CM).pdf

Mighty And Awesome    NH-Awesome-3(CM).pdf

My God, My Rock    NH-MyGodMyRock-(EM).pdf

More Of You Lord     NH-MoreOfYou-(DM).pdf

My Soul With You    NH-Mysoul-1(CM).pdf

My Father Can Do Anything    NH-Anything-3(CM).pdf

New Every Morning       NH-Morning-2(EM).pdf

Now Our God    NH-OurGod-1(CM).pdf

Oh The Wondrous Cross   NH-Cross-1(FM).pdf

On This Your Birthday   On_This_Your_Birthday(G).pdf

One Thing    NH-OneThing-(CM).pdf

Only Jesus Satisfies    NH-OnlyJesus-(CM).pdf

Open My Eyes   NH-OpenMyEyes-(DM).pdf

Open The Doors   NH-OpenDoors2(CM).pdf

Open The Eyes Of My Heart   NH-OpenEyes-(AM).pdf

Paul Planted    NH-Paul-1(DM).pdf

Peace I Give To You    NH-Peace-1(DM).pdf

Pleasing In Your Sight    NH-PleasingInYourSight-(CM).pdf

Praise And Glory    Praise_And_Glory_(G)-score.pdf

Praise The Lord, All Nations    Praise The Lord,_All_Nations.pdf

Receive His Grace    NH-Grace-1(CM).pdf

Righteousness And Justice    NH-Justice-1(GM).pdf

Robe of Righteousness (Key of E)    NH-Robe-(EM).pdf

Robe of Righteousness (Key of G)    NH-Robe-(GM).pdf

Search Me, O God    NH-Search-1(DM).pdf

Send Forth Your Light    NH-SendForth-(CM).pdf

Service Song   NH-ServiceSong-(DM).pdf

Set An Example    NH-Example-1(CM).pdf

Silence, Solitude And Prayer    Silence,_Soliture_And_Prayer_(C)-score.pdf

Silence, Solitude And Prayer    Silence,_Soliture_And_Prayer_(D)-score.pdf

Splendor And Majesty (1 verses)  NH-Splendor-2(GM).pdf

Splendor And Majesty (3 verses)    NH-Majesty-(GM).pdf

Such Great Love    NH-Love-2(DM).pdf

Sun And Shield Round    NH-Shield-1(DM).pdf

That Ye Might Walk (version 1)   NH-Walk-2(GM).pdf

That Ye Might Walk (version 2)   NH-Walk-2(GM)2.pdf

The Baby Of Bethlehem  (key of C)    The_Baby_Of_Bethlehem_(C)-score.pdf

The Baby Of Bethlehem  (key of D)    The_Baby_Of_Bethlehem_(D)-score.pdf

The Baby Of Bethlehem  (key of G)    The_Baby_Of_Bethlehem_(G)-score.pdf

The Covenant   NH-The Covenant-(GM)-p1.pdf

The Fruit Of The Spirit    NH-Fruit-1(DM).pdf

The God Of Jerusalem    NH-Jeru-1(GM).pdf

The Lord Is Compassionate    NH-Compassionate-(GM).pdf

The Lord God Of Hosts    NH-Hosts-1(DM).pdf

The Lord's Prayer   The_Lord's_Prayer_(G)-score.pdf

The Mission  (key of C)   NH-TheMission-(CM).pdf

The Mission  (key of D)    NH-TheMission-(DM).pdf

The Stability Of Our Times    NH-OurTimes-(GM).pdf

The Word Of The Lord   NH-Word-(EM).pdf

There Will Be Silence   NH-Silence-2(GM).pdf

Thine, Oh Lord    NH-ThineLord-(CM).pdf

This Day Is Holy    NH-HolyDay-(DM).pdf

Those Who Wait For The Lord   NH-Wait-1(CM).pdf

To Behold You    NH-ToBeholdYou-(CM).pdf

To Him Who Sits On The Throne    NH-Throne-(DM).pdf

Traveler   NH-Traveler-1(GM).pdf

Trust In The Lord   NH-Trust In The Lord-(GM)-p.pdf

Wait On The Lord   NH-Wait-3(EM).pdf

We Give Thanks To You Lord   NH-Thanks-1(GM)N.pdf

We're The King's Kids   NH-King'sKids-(GM).pdf

When I Am Afraid   NH-Afraid-1(DM).pdf

Who Is Like Thee   NH-LikeThee-1(DM).pdf

Who May Ascend    NH-WhoMay-1(GM).pdf

Wisdom And Might    NH-WisdomAndMight-(EM).pdf

Worthy Of Our Praise    NH-Worthy-(CM).pdf

You Are Awesome God !!   NH-Awesome-(CM).pdf  (key of C)

You Are Awesome God !!   NH-Awesome-(GM).pdf  (key of G)

You Are My Shepherd (key of E)    NH-MyShepherd-1(EM).pdf 

You Are My Shepherd (key of G)   NH-MyShepherd-1(GM).pdf

You Gave Us Hope    NH-YouGaveUsHope-(CM).pdf

Your Grace   NH-YourGrace-(DM).pdf

Yours Is The Day    NH-YoursTheDay-(CM).pdf

Yours Is The Greatness   NH-YourGreatness-(CM).pdf


We recently received many MP3s, translations and arrangements of my songs from Germany,
 including three very nice vocal recordings of "Now Our God".
 Thanks to Hans-M. Herbrand (translator & arranger) and Ute Hoffmann (soloist). Beautiful!!
"Now Our God" - German
"You Are Awesome God" - German


All songs copyright Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581
(with the exception of "Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord",
Copyright 2001, Stephen M. Misarski

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share these song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(web site background, recordings, corporate worship, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope Music for other uses. Thanks !!!


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