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 Translated into Maltese by 
Carmen Deguara, from Malta 

Kif If-Sigra 
As The Trees


I teach music at a local church school for boys whose ages
range between 12 and 16 years.  As such I am always on the lookout
for songs  with a religious message but which of course
have music that appeals to the younger generation.  From what I could
see from your website, many of your songs  ( I did not have the time to
open all the songs yet!) are just that.  

We speak Maltese with English as a second language.  English is
taught at school as early as pregrades.  So that's the reason why
your songs are good for us as they 
present no problems with regards to language.
I taught my students " As The Trees" and it was a great hit. 
Well done! We shall be singing it during the Fifth Formers' graduation
day in June.  As promised I translated one of your songs, " As The Trees".  
My students loved it so much they sing it so heartily (even in English)!!
(Carmen Deguara, from Malta) 


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