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Background MIDI is
"Is There No Balm In Gilead",
by Steven E. Anderson




Original Hymns by 
Steven E. Anderson


A little about myself...

"I have attended church since childhood, thanks to God-fearing parents. When I was in the Army, the matters of faith became less important
to me. Some years later, God's judgment struck my heart. It was not because of any particular sin, but because of my sinful nature, which I could
not change. I implored God for mercy, and while talking to my Dad about what I was experiencing God forgave all my sin and received me into
His kingdom. My Dad was commenting how thankful we can be for the redemptive work of Christ. There I went from hell to Heaven, from eternal
death to eternal life. I then began to learn what is true praise of God. 

That occurred in about 1987, I think, as I was about to begin college. Two things have remained constant since that time: my own unworthiness
of God's grace, and His daily forgiveness and abundant grace toward me. He has led me on a daily walk in which I try to do what is right because
He has done such wonderful things for me.

I have been married for 20+ years, have four wonderful daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter. I'm now in my mid-40s and serve as a
government employee in South Carolina  (we moved here from northern MI a few years ago).


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listen to the melody at the same time.


Check out some of Steve's hymns !!

Bless The Lord, O My Soul

Christ Our Savior Came

Dark Was The Night

Father, My Way, Is Not Mine Own

Have We Not Reason

Hearken, Little Fold Of Zion

I Journey To A City

I Will Sing The Praise

Is There No Balm In Gilead

Of Old The Prophets Have Foretold (ST LOUIS)

Of Old The Prophets Have Foretold (CAROL)

Oh, Starry Sky

Thank You, Father, for Thy Covenant

Thank You Father, That In Mercy

The Cherubims

The Fourth One In The Fire


Ralph,  I attend an Apostolic Lutheran Church and have shared my songs among some of the people with whom I gather. Sharing among
the people of God is important, and when I found your website I thought it would be an excellent way to share my songs with many more people. 

I am learning as I go, as I have no musical training and very little experience playing, so the written music probably contains errors. 
My wife is quite patient with me as I work on the music at the expense of finishing some of my household chores. 

The Apostle encourages us to sing, and make melody in our hearts unto the Lord. When we consider what great things God has done for us
in Christ Jesus, all the Christian congregation truly finds much reason to sing songs of praise and petition unto our Heavenly Father. 
I truly appreciate all the effort you put forth in maintaining this site.  

-  Steve

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