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a spiritual intimacy song
of adoration


In Jesus we come to You.
In our hearts Your Spirit moves.
We Your little children
Come in adoration.

Abba Father (Abba Father)
Draw me nearer (draw me nearer)
Hold me closer (hold me closer)

Abba Father (Abba Father)

Abba Father (Abba Father)
Draw me nearer (draw me nearer)
Hold me closer (hold me closer)
Abba Father (Abba Father)

Just sitting here at your feet,
Quite contented just to be
Resting in your presence,
Safe, secure, protected.


Media Files

MP3 Recording  Ralph Merrifield  Abba Father
Karaoke Video  Johan Komrij (Overgaard version)  Abba Father
MIDI arrangement 
Hiland Overgaard  Abba Father
MIDI arrangement  
Overgaard version, modified by Leif Thiborg  Abba Father
MIDI performances   Adrian V. Miller  Abba Father
PDF Sheet Music  Adrian V. Miller   Abba Father
Karaoke File  Johan Komrij  AbbaFather(1).jk.k.mid
Karaoke File 
Johan Komrij  AbbaFather(2).jk.k.mid


Two New Karaoke Videos:
Sequenced by: Hiland Overgaard
Arrangement refreshed by: Leif Thiborg (Sweden)
Sung by: Johan Komrij (the Netherlands)


Version with vocal:




Hindi translation  by Daisy Augustine, from California
Finnish translation  by Marja Všisšnen, from Finland
Tamil translation  by Daniel John, from India
PortuguÍs (Brasil) translation by Daniel Borges, from Brazil
Nepalese translation
  by Arjun Dhakal, from Nepal
Afrikaans translation  by Philip Nagel from South Africa

History & Testimonies

From 1986 to 1999, Rev. Wayne Anderson led a series
of spiritual intimacy seminars at Crossroads in Framingham. 
Among the topics covered were  "Abba Father"
"Grace, Faith and Focus" and "Silence, Solitude and Prayer". 
This song, and many others, were inspired by those teachings.

The first verse was started during a Wayne Anderson seminar
and later completed at my home in Milford.
The second verse was written 9/29/89
while driving through Ashland MA.

(Ralph Merrifield)


I was looking for songs for my Sunday School class... these sound very interesting. 
 I sing some of them during devotion services.  
I am a Sunday School teacher and deaconess in a†Baptist Church

I use " Center Of My Soul"... it is truly beautiful.  Also " Abba Father",
" Bringing The Presence Of Jesus", " Holy, Holy, Holy" and  " Open My Eyes".

(Cora,  from Massachusetts)

"This one is very useful.  We love it..."
(Philip, from South Africa)

Recorded on:    
"In The Knowledge Of Him"

"Closest Friends"


Copyright 1991, Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

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to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(ie. corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, 
web sites, give-away copies).
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