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a spirited, joyous song of thanksgiving

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, with all that is within me
Bless the Lord, oh my soul and forgetta notta all of His benefits

(1) He gives us our daily bread, daily bread, daily bread
He gives us our daily bread, and a place to rest our heads,
and a place to rest our heads 

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, with all that is within me
Bless the Lord, oh my soul and forgetta notta all of His benefits


(2) We have friends and family... to give us love and company...

(3 Grace and love and joy and peace... in our Lord we have all these...



Ralph Merrifield  MP3  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Johan Komrij  MP3  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Johan Komrij (Jester)  Karaoke Video  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Johan Komrij (Jester, sung)  Karaoke Video  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Johan Komrij (Stockman)  Karaoke Video  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Michael Jester   MIDI arrangement   Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Victor Stockman   MIDI arrangement    Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Johan Komrij  Karaoke File  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Adrian V. Miller  MIDI performance    Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Adrian V. Miller   PDF Sheet Music  Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Ralph Merrifield Real Audio Recording Bless The Lord (Calypso)


Nepalese translation  Arjun Dhakal, from Nepal

Tamil translation  by Daniel John, from India

Afrikaans translation  by Liz,  from Cape Town, South Africa

PortuguÍs (Brasil) translation  by Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Spanish translation  by Rev. Jorge A. Mendoza

Polish translation  by Jay Droz, from Florida


Last Sunday, I taught "Bless the Lord (Calypso)"...
to our youth fellowship and they
broke into laughter the way it is sung. 
It was a real fun in the Lord. 
(Daniel, from India)


What a joy it is to serve the Lord this morning 
as we worship Him with several of your songs. 

"Now Our God"  ... "Thine, O Lord" ...
"In The Splendor Of Your Courts"
  and our favorite 
greeting song (everybody goes around for a good 
five minutes to greet each other)
"Bless The Lord (Calypso)"
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ministry.

(Linda in New Hampshire)


First sung publicly at the Seventh Day Adventist church (Hudson MA),
when New Hope Chapel was using their facilities,
and very well received by the saints that morning.

Among those who have sung this song are a kids group in Texas 
and an "alternative Salvation Army Band"
in upstate New York !!

I just started using your songs on my Website: 

1. How  Awesome Is This Place
2. Bless The Lord (Calypso)

3. Bringing The Presence Of Jesus.

(Rose, from Hawaii)

Two choirs from Bishop Lavis, Cape Town ( South Africa) recently sent me
a recording of them singing 7 New Hope Music songs!  Thank you !!!
Click below to listen to their recording of this song.
"Bless The Lord"
Junior Choir (MP3 format)


I am using quite a few of your songs with our kids !!
We love "Bless the Lord (Calypso)" and "My Father Can Do Anything"
(Pastor Ajit,  from Sri Lanka)


I would like to request permission to use the following songs for a Music in Religion Day
to be held at the Anglican Church of St. Stephen in Toronto, Canada. 
These special Days are held every year,
where choir directors introduce new music to congregations.

I am the organist/choir director at the church,
and I had heard the music when I attended a Christian concert last year. 
The pieces are:    "In The Splendor of Your Courts",
"Bless the Lord (Calypso)" and "Oh The Wondrous Cross"

(Arlene, from Canada)


I am Children's Ministries Director at Longview Community Church - 
Our child will be singing "Bless The Lord (Calypso)" in our Worship Service...  
what a fun song 
(Lisa, from Washington) 


It has also been sung by soldiers at
worship services in Kuwait & Iraq



Copyright 1991, Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(ie. corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, web sites, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!


Recorded on:     
"In The Knowledge Of Him"
"Songs Of New Hope"
"Lord Of All Ages"