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Encouraging saints around the world since 1991 !!

"I love this site!
My church worship team is in need of new material that
appeals to all generations... the music here is perfect."
(Laura,  from Arkansas)




Our Favorite Songs

"Center Of My Soul"
God has used this song to touch the spirits of more people than
any other that we've written.
It is also the most performed & recorded.

"We Are Called"   
A challenge to work for social justice

"The Lord's Prayer"
A new musical setting for the beautiful prayer of Jesus

"How Awesome Is this Place"
one of Ralph's personal favorites !

"Now Our God" 
a simple song of Thanksgiving

"In My Father's Hands"
confidence & comfort in dark times

"He Shall Be Called"
our most popular Christmas carol

"Splendor and Majesty"
written with Lenny Smith (author of "Our God Reigns")
Fred Bock published a Tom Fettke SATB arrangement !! 
This song is also included in Hal Leonard's "Praise and Worship Fake Book" !

Newest Songs

Let Our Adventure Begin
MP3   Song Page

Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
MP3   Song Page

We Are Free
(For All Who Are In Bondage)
MP3   Song Page

We Remember
MP3   Song Page

Do All To The Glory Of God
MP3   Song Page

The Plans I Have For You
MP3   Song Page

We  Serve A God
(Song For The Martyrs)
MP3   Song Page

We Are One
(A Hymn of Christian Unity)
MP3   Song Page



'SINGING THE SCRIPTURES #1' Collection  (2018)

'REDEEMED !!' Collection  (2017-2018)

'THIS SEASON OF LIFE' Collection  (2016-2018)

'SONGS FROM THE SANCTUARY' Collection  (2015-2016)
During twelve evenings in 2015-2016,
I spent time alone in our worship center at New Hope Chapel,
creating 80 MP3s of 66 'older' songs (most had never been recorded). 
These songs were written over four decades and
represent a wide variety of styles.

THE EARLY YEARS  (1967-1978)

Scripture Reference Index


New MP3 Collection

by Johan Komrij


 Newest MIDI Arrangements

Bob Sorem

Ron Tilden


New Hope Music
Karaoke Video Channels

Created by Johan Komrij (from the Netherlands)

English       Dutch

German       Afrikaans

French        Hindi


New Hope Music Scripture Song Network

Singing the Scripture Ministries   (Indonesia)

The Music Videos of Greg Brittingham


Videos by Rolando De Guzman Reyes (Philippines)

The Faith Choristers  (Singapore)

Jay Droz Videos  (Florida)

friend, Jay Droz, created approx. 100 videos and recordings based on Ralph Merrifield's songs
(English, Spanish, Polish & Russian translations), with more being developed.
You can view them all at Jay's new You Tube playlist and his web site

Other New Hope Music YouTube Videos

New Hope Music Songbooks

Public Praise And Worship
50 Original Songs & Hymns


Songs for Kids !!!
50 New Scripture-based choruses

Favorite Translations

"Have You Ever Heard...?" in Urdu (Pakistan)

"I Will Walk" in Urdu (Pakistan)

"He Shall Be Called" in Urdu (Pakistan)

"To The Rock" Recording (Finnish)

Dutch Translations by Johan Komrij

Hindi Translations by Daisy Augustine


"As the only pastor of a small church, 
I struggle finding music that is tasteful and worshipful.  
I praise God that I found your website." 
(Pastor Larry, from Indiana)