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Being overwhelmed in God's presence
(based on Genesis 28:12-17)

I see angels ascending, descending
on a stairway from heaven to earth.
At the top stands the Lord, God of Abr’ham.
He is mighty.

How awesome is this place, dear Father.
How beautiful the house of God.
You're present at the gate of heaven,
it is good to be near. It is good to be here.
How awesome is this place, oh Lord

I feel blessings ascending, descending
on the hearts and the prayers of the saints.
Through this fellowship, sweet, comes His pleasure.
He is lovely !  (chorus)

To the Ancient of Days be the honor.
He is worthy alone to be praised.
We will sing through the ages in Glory
" You are holy !! "  (chorus 2x)



Peter Gringhuis (the Netherlands)    MP3 Recording    How Awesome Is This Place

Greg Brittingham   Video Recording    How Awesome Is This Place

New Hope worship team    MP3    How Awesome Is This Place

Adrian V. Miller (Canada)   PDF Sheet Music    How Awesome Is This Place

The Faith Choristers (Singapore)    Video    How Awesome Is The Place

Elton Smith
/Richard Garber    MIDI    How Awesome Is This Place

Lars Lovegren (Pennsylvania)   SATB Choir PDF Sheet Music    How Awesome Is This Place

Adrian V. Miller (Canada)    MIDI    How Awesome Is This Place


by Johan Komrij (the Netherlands)

Karaoke Video #1    How Awesome Is This Place

Karaoke Video #1 with vocal    How Awesome Is This Place

Karaoke Video #2    How Awesome Is This Place

MP3 #1 with vocal    How Awesome Is This Place

MP3 #1 instrumental    How Awesome Is This Place

MP3 #1 accompaniment    How Awesome Is This Place

MP3 #2 instrumental    How Awesome Is This Place


by Hans M Herbrand (Germany)

MP3 Arrangement    How Awesome Is This Place

PDF Sheet Music    How Awesome Is This Place

Hans' web site has more wonderful arrangements
 and German translations of this song


Richard Garber (North Carolina)    MIDI arrangement    How Awesome Is This Place

Here's how Richard Garber describes his MIDI arrangement:

"Nice tune...  I noticed in the words a lot of ascending and descending of angels and wrote that effect into the
string line.  The song sweetly sings of praise and how lovely is His dwelling place so I tried to create a heavenly feel.  
The strings also were used to create a Debussy 'without time' subtlety, while the percussion instruments
contradict this by keeping the flow of time orderly.   I used an instrument for the melody, which to me, evokes a melancholy
mood.   Heaven to me, speaks of wonderful things to come, yet here we are, waiting for His return.

What I like most about my arrangement is the feeling of serenity.   Just like in the movie, 'Somewhere In Time', the celestial sounding
strings give that feeling of tranquility and peace.   I believe that not only for Biblical reasons we'll find ourselves on our knees
sobbing profusely, but for also the nightmare of this life tainted by sin, will be a fading memory.   Imagine being before Our Lord, knowing
there is no more sickness, no more pain, no more dying. Surely, this will be an awesome place!"

Richard Garber

Click here to find more of our MIDIs
and read a brief bio of Richard

I love this song and would like for my choir to sing 
along with the midi arrangement by Richard Garber...

(Mary, from Florida)



Translated into Afrikaans by
Liz Van Heerden, from South Africa
Afrikaans translation

Also translated into Shona by
Jones  from Zimbabwe  
Shona translation

Translated into PortuguÍs (Brasil) by 
Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil
PortuguÍs (Brasil) translation

Finnish translation by Lea Alaja, 
from Helsinki, Finland

Finnish Translation


German translation by Hans-M. Herbrand, 
from Germany

Check out his wonderful German translations


In December 2000, Gerrit Gustafson was kind enough to review
"How Precious Is Your Love"  and suggested several useful modifications
to the melody and chords.  He also gave me encouraging feedback on

this song, "How Awesome Is This Place", and "Now Our God".

Part of the "I Am Persuaded" collection

Songs Of Praise has created a page to highlight this chorus.

Several web sites now use this song as a background MIDI.  Thank you!


Alternate lyrics, by Gary Bickel

Alternate lyrics, by Lars Lovegren



"You hardly hear this type of inspirational song.  It is sooo inspirational. |
Whenever I listen to this song I get so heavenly minded..."

"While browsing looking for midi files... I found the
song you wrote "HOW AWESOME IS THIS PLACE".
What a BLESSING.   I sat and worshipped the Lord for some time
just listening to your midi.  It is a truly anointed song."

(Claudette, from Alabama)

"What a wonderful song; as music director of a local church,
I would like our choir to do this song some Sunday morning."

The Easter service was really great; 
we sang
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord", "Center Of My Soul" 
and  "How Awesome Is This Place"...

I have been telling everybody about how I happened to find your site 
and the lovely music one can find there for all situations in life.  

Your songs have helped us to be united with the Lord in a very special way.
(Pamela, from India)


Copyright 2001, Ralph Merrifield  (written 10/3/00)
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