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a lively celebration of Christ's resurrection
written by Rev. Stephen M. Misarski

Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord
Hallelujah, death is no more
Hallelujah, hope is restored
Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord

1. He was dead in the grave
And all hope had vanished away
He arose; He’s alive
And I’m ready to shout it on high (chorus)

2. I was dead in my sins
Bound for hell and darkness within
By His love, I’m alive
Heaven’s gates are opened wide (chorus)

3. We’re alive in the Son
Longing for the day He will come
In a flash, trumpet blast
Christ the Victor will raise us at last !

Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord !!



Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video with vocal    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video 1    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video 2    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Johan Komrij    MP3    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Fred Scorza    PDF Sheet Music    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Fred Scorza    MIDI arrangement    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Adrian V. Miller    MIDI    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Adrian V. Miller    PDF Song Sheet    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

New Hope Worship Team (Practice)    MP3    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

New Hope Worship Team (Easter 2010)    MP3    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Jay Droz    MP3    Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord 




I am listening to the song: "Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord" 
by Stephen M. Misarski on your website. 
It is a great song and I wondered if it is permissible to 
play this song and sing it in our Easter Sunday Service?  
We are a small church with 100 in the congregation 
in Perth, Western Australia.  
(Pastor Neil, from Australia)


Sung by over 200 soldiers in Iraq,
Easter Sunday 2003 !!!

Easter service by the Euphrates River in Iraq
where they sang "Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord"

We are teaching our Malay/Chinese church three New Hope songs 
this coming Palm Sunday:
"Hosanna (It’s Jesus!)", "Holy, Holy, Holy" 
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord".   I have used your music before and 
love what you are all doing.  

We are an English speaking church but 
I bet I can get your songs translated into Mandarin and Bahassa Maylay
for wider distribution. Wouldn’t it be great to have your songs sung in 
the Underground church of China !? 
(Doug, from Malaysia)


Pastor Steve Misarski, baptising a soldier 
at the same Easter Sunrise service in Iraq


The Easter service was really great; 
we sang
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord", "Center Of My Soul" 
and  "How Awesome Is This Place"...

I have been telling everybody about how I happened to find your site and the
lovely music one can find there for all situations in life.  We were also in charge 
of setting up the Altar of Repose and it was beautiful... 
while in prayer, "Search Me O God" was sung.  

Your songs have helped us to be united with the Lord in a very special way.
(Pamela, from India)

Happy Easter to you and your team.  I am coming from Sunday Service 
where we sang & distributed 120 copies of "Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord".
 People liked it very much... people from different countries were there 
and they happily took the song sheets.
(Samson, from Pakistan)

Used as a background MIDI
on a church web site in Texas

Translated into PortuguÍs (Brasil) by 
Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil
PortuguÍs (Brasil) translation

Translated into Afrikaans by
Liz Van Heerden, from South Africa
Afrikaans translation

Translated into Polish and Spanish by
Jay Droz, from Florida
Polish translation     Spanish translation


... our little inner city Baptist church did Rev. Misarski's
wonderful song "Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord"..
What a lovely song...Our choir really enjoyed it...simple, majestic...wow! 
Your own work, Ralph, is highly tuneful and singable...
and I encourage you to keep on writing...! 

(email from Brian)


We are using the wonderful song by Rev. Steve Misarski - "Hallelujah! Jesus Is Lord!"
in our Easter Sunday evening concerts... I have done a track for it and our 
senior choir will be singing ... they love it ... and to know how and 
where it was composed is inspiring both to them and to me as a composer... 
Please pass on my sincere thanks to Rev. Misarski... Those who are set here 
to provide music for God's army - must continue to do so...and bravely so...no 
hedging the topics or making them 'candy sweet'...our songs need to tell it like it is...! 
So, Steve's song is just that...honest and sweet in it's content! 
(Brian, from Canada)


Pastor Steve Misarski
(November 2004)


I am from Taunton Mass and my Church is in New Bedford Mass.  I am the  
choir Director at St. John The Baptist Church--Catholic Church.   We  
are preparing for Easter and I want to use "Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord"  
by Stephen Misarski as our Meditation song after communion.  
(Victor, from Massachusetts)


Copyright 2001, Stephen M. Misarski (written 1997)
Administered by:  New Hope Music,
PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581


We feature three other written by Steve,
"By The Waters Of Babylon",
 "Arise, My Soul", and
"The Lion And The Lamb"


We are planning to sing "Hosanna (It’s Jesus)"  for Palm Sunday 
and "Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord" for Easter.
We sang "He Shall Be Called" for Christmas and everyone loved it.   
Thanks so much for your wonderful songs. 
(Pam, from Michigan)


THANK YOU!!    It is pleasure to listen to your music. 
I was looking for songs for my Sunday School class... these sound very interesting.  
  " Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord" is a catchy tune... 
I fell in love with your songs.  I sing some of them during devotion services.  
I am a Sunday School teacher and deaconess in a†Baptist Church

(Cora,  from


This song is now included in the Cyber Hymnal !

I am sending this email from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I serve as the 
Ag. Choir Coordinator of Bethel Temple Church Choir. 

I came about your website late last month and I must inform you that 
we did the following songs during the Easter period:
Hosanna ( It is Jesus !! )
Hallelujah (Jesus is Lord)
They are powerful songs and they blessed the Church. Both Song
ministrations were powerful.  It is my intention for our Choir to learn and Minister all your songs... 
Many thanks for putting resources online and making it available for  our use in Sierra Leone.
(Hilary, from Sierra Leone)

Part of the "I Am Persuaded" collection

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, 
web sites, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!


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We will use "Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord" on Sunday morning (Easter 2004).  
Every time I hear a New Hope song being played during our worship 
the one thing I sense is purity. This is pleasing to the Lord.

(Linda, from
New Hampshire)