Encouraging people around the world since 1991 !!!

Am listening your songs now, very powerful...
carrying the Word of God inside them, I like it.
I have shared your music already to around 300 friends
 in several groups. I like this project man of God.

Pastor John, from Kenya

New Hope Music - Africa

Greetings in the powerful name of Jesus !

We have recently added over 1000 Facebook friends from Africa: 
pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Apostles, Bishops and other Christian workers.

Welcome, my brothers & sisters !!

Please help us share the 250 Scripture-based songs of New Hope Music.
Let's spread the Word of the Lord in every part of your wonderful land...

Send us videos of your group singing our songs
and we will post them here and on Facebook.

Ralph Merrifield, Director, New Hope Music


Ralph in South Africa, Summer 2017


Our Facebook page for Africa !!


Song Suggestions

Hymn Chant

I Am Not Ashamed

Let Everything That Has Breath

Enter Through The Narrow Gate

Be Strong In The Lord

Get Behind Me Satan !

Believe In The Lord

Thanks Be To God

This Day Is Holy

Bless the Lord

Jesus Is The Way

Your Grace

Like The Rising Sun

Bringing The Presence Of Jesus

Oh The Wondrous Cross

Heavens And Earth

Hosanna (It's Jesus !!)

Now Our God

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Some places in Africa that have contacted New Hope Music



"We know and use some of your songs in our church, like...
'This Day Is Holy' and 'Search Me, O God'.  We have some 
brothers in our church who can translate these songs 
into our local language" 
 (Paul, from Kenya)


"I want to participate by trying to translate 
your beautiful songs to Arabic and Tamazight, 
the language that's spoken in North Africa" 
(Youcef, from Algeria)


A.F.M Oos Poort Worship Team

I am the worship leader of A.F.M Oos Poort in Pretoria, South Africa.
Your songs are flowing in our church, with a lot of blessings.

This weekend, we're doing "The God of Jerusalem".  We also do 
"Silence, Solitude and Prayer"... "Search Me, O God" (I did a 
translation of Liz`s 2 added verses) and "When I Am Afraid" 
(also translated to Afrikaans).  Soon I’ll send some recordings, 
and new translations.  Thanks for your music and lyrics, blessing 
so many hearts.  
 (Philip, from South Africa)


I am sending the lyrics that have been translated to Bemba 
to my friend from Zambia who is feeling very low and lost and 
indeed it is difficult to find her in the wilds of New Jersey...
I know that this song will uplift her spirit
in her own language.  Thank you. 
(email from Tams)

Greetings from Tanzania...  I wanted to remind you concerning 
my desire to translate your songs into the Swahili language.
(Pastor Masanja, from Tanzania)


I am sending this email from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I serve as the  
Ag. Choir Coordinator of Bethel Temple Church Choir. 

I came about your website late last month and I must inform you that  
we did the following songs during the Easter period:
Hosanna (It is Jesus)
Hallelujah (Jesus is Lord)
They are powerful songs and they blessed the Church. Both Song 
ministrations were powerful.  It is my intention for our Choir to learn and Minister all your songs... 
Many thanks for putting resources online and making it available for  our use in Sierra Leone.
(Hilary, from Sierra Leone)


"I am greatly encouraged with your music ministry, 
especially the insightful deep meaning and style...
I'm sure I can teach our assembly some 
good chorus and hymns that you have available.

You have beautiful hymns...  
it is very difficult to find here in South Africa hymns 
like the ones you have on your site."

(Jonathan, from South Africa)

South African choir director, Liz Van Heerden, writes...

"The kids are currently doing Splendor and Majesty,
Center of My Soul, and Face To Face (by Elton Smith). 
I will only be making use of your music for now,
because it is so right for young people and so full of anointing
that I find I cannot use some other music for the time being.
I am thinking of compiling a Cantata with your songs."

1.How Awesome Is This Place
2. He Shall Be Called
3. You Are Awesome God!!
4. Bless The Lord (Calypso)
5. Heavens And Earth
6. I Will Go
7. Search Me O God
8. Hosanna (It's Jesus!)


Junior Choir


These choirs sent me one recording of 
them singing seven New Hope Music songs.
Another recording is in progress !

Click below to listen to their recordings (MP3 format)

1. "He Shall Be Called"  Junior Choir
2. "Bless The Lord"  
Junior Choir
3. "How Precious Is Your Love" 
Junior Choir
4. "Center Of My Soul" 
Junior Choir
5. "I Will Go"  Junior Choir
6. "Mighty One"  Junior Choir
7. "Splendor And Majesty" 
Adult Choir

Adult Choir


"The other night I couldn't sleep and the song ("When I Am Afraid")
was in my mind and I went to your web site to listen to the MP3... 

I was amazed to find all the stuff from South Africa. I listened to the choir and kids
singing your music, and tears came to my eyes - they're coming again now! 

You have a mighty ministry, brother, and you know that God is in it by the
way he's taking it to the oddest corners of the earth to bless fellow believers
who we will never meet this side of heaven. There is no way that anyone
could make that happen, no matter how hard you tried, it's got to be the Lord" 
(Dave, from Pennsylvania)


"Your programme has been an inspiration to me 
and as organist for a World War II veterans church,  
I have achieved wonders in giving The Lords Word in music form 
to many who have not accepted our Saviour."

(Brian, from Durban, South Africa)