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Encouraging people around the world since 1991 !!!

"When the choir has presented your songs to the church, 
we have always gotten good feedback.  I think the
Holy Spirit loves these songs, because the lyrics are 
Biblical and the melodies exalt Christ...  Personally, 
I prefer songs which have a quiet, praising melody.  
Your songs, even the upbeat ones, have this nature."




New Hope Music songs are being sung
by choirs around the world.
Here are links to some choruses
that could be useful to you.

Each page includes lyrics, chords and sound files.
Most also include MIDIs and PDF songsheets.

** Today's Featured Song **
The Lord's Prayer

"Very nice.  Good job..."
(John Michael Talbot)
( after listening to "The Lord's Prayer")

Has your choir used our songs?  Which ones?
If so, please send us a picture of your choir,
a recording of you singing it, 
and/or a bulletin mentioning the song.

**  We want to highlight YOUR choir on this web site!  **


The East Parade Church Choir
in Bangalore, India - Christmas 2011
Hear them sing "He Shall Be Called"


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I used Hiland Overgaard's arrangement of "Receive His Grace"
simplified it a little for our instrumentation and skill, 
wrote a second verse based on your main theme, and...

WOW - the congregation loved it.

I have NEVER had the congregation stirred by a piece of music 
like they were today. It is certain that your ministry opens 
many hearts and brings joy and comfort to many - I saw it first hand. 
Keep up the good work.
  (Mike, from Virginia)


St Francis Choir, Christ Episcopal Church, Valdosta GA

Exciting news !  Fred Bock Music has published a Tom Fettke SATB arrangement of "Splendor And Majesty", a song written by Ralph Merrifield and Lenny Smith !!

 I was just listening to your song “Mighty One” at  and then I went to your site…  Wow!

You’ve done so much work there; it is very impressive and 
your music is beautiful!   ...what a great resource!!!   
I’m the Director of Music at St. Andrews Episcopal Church and
am looking forward to doing some of your songs (with our choir)

(Peter, from New Jersey)

How excited I was when I found your website while "shopping" for choral music! 
I spent hours listening to your music.  I am eager to use
many of your pieces with a new youth choir that I am starting in the fall. 
I wish to place an order for:  "Public Praise & Worship Songbook"
(Mary Ellen, from New York

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The Faith Chorister,
Faith Methodist Church, Singapore.
View the videos they created of New Hope Music songs



"I have shared some of your music with our choir, 
made up of mostly youth from our parish.  Thank you. 
Your music inspires and brings new hope to all of us..." 
(Bertha, from Gambia)

"I was really excited to hear all your songs and the service
render by you for the glory of Jesus Christ.

I am a member of Church of South India and I am
in charge of the Church Choir.

I just heard the song "In Every Single Situation" sung by the
Greater Grace Choir of Finland.  It was fantastic.

I am interested to play the same song in my church. 
So will you please send me the PDF sheet music for the
above song with midi?" 
(Ratheesh, from India)


Here is one picture of us.  It was taken for a week ago in the hall of
Jorvi Hospital.  Itīs a big hospital in Espoo, a city close to Helsinki. By
the way we sang "By Your Abundant Love" twice there.

"The Baby of Bethlehem" is still at the "practicing stage"  We are planning
to record it in our Christmas meeting at 19th of December...  Thank you, Ralph, for this song,
we really love it.  I first fell in love with the lyrics, so I "had" to show
the song to Marja who loved it, too... 

"I send you here the handwritten notes of 5 songs of yours 
which we have translated to Finnish and arranged for our choir.  
We sang "He Shall Be Called" 5 times during the Christmas season. 
We now started to practice "To The Rock" and "Abba Father"
These songs are lovely... a real pleasure to sing and even practice!"  
(Lea,  from

Check out their Soundclick page!

Abba Father

Sung in Finland and South Africa !

In Jesus we come to You.
In our hearts Your Spirit moves.
We Your little children
Come in adoration.

Abba Father
Draw me nearer
Hold me closer
Abba Father (repeat)

Just sitting here at your feet,
Quite contented just to be
Resting in your presence,
Safe, secure, protected. 
     (repeat chorus)


Benediction (Numbers 6:25-26)

The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace, and give you peace


"I am the choir director of Millennium Methodist Church, Secunderabad, India. 
I used your song  'He Shall Be Called'  two years back in our Christmas program 
and I am planning to use some for this upcoming Palm Sunday/Good Friday/Easter Season. 
I have not recorded our choir.  If possible, I'll do this time and send you a copy. 
We all thank you and praise God for the wonderful talents that HE has given you 
and the desire to use those for HIS glory." 
(Sunil,  from India)


Bringing The Presence Of Jesus
a light calypso, sung as a two part round

Sung in South Africa !

Bringing the presence of Jesus to the world
Bringing the presence of Jesus in this place
Bringing the presence of Jesus to a lost and longing people
Bringing His love, bringing His truth and grace

Jesus, King of the Nations
Mighty Lord of Creation
Holy Light of Salvation
Precious Lamb of God

We are the presence of Jesus to the world
We are the presence of Jesus in this place
We are the presence of Jesus to a lost and longing people
We are His love, we are His truth and grace  (chorus)


 We (the church choir) have been practicing "By Your Abundant Love"...
this would be perfect for our Sunday morning service... 
we are overwhelmed by the presence of God in this song.

By Your Abundant Love
                (Psalm 5:7, 11-12)

Sung in Finland

By Your abundant love I will enter Your house
By Your abundant love I will enter Your house
At Your holy temple I will bow down
In reverence Lord to Thee

Let all who take refuge in Thee be glad
Let all who take refuge in Thee be glad
Let them ever sing for joy
And may you shelter them

That those who love Thy name may exult in Thee
That those who love Thy name may exult in Thee
For You do bless the righteous man
And surround him with favor as a shield

By Your abundant love I will enter Your house
By Your abundant love I will enter Your house
At Your holy temple I will bow down
In reverence Lord to Thee

At Your holy temple I will bow down
In reverence Lord to Thee

St. Ann's Choir -  Browns Mills, New Jersey
learn more about this choir!

"Our Concert went just perfectly on Sunday afternoon...
We began the second half with your song... Center of My Soul
It was well received, lots of applause, etc.  
It is proving to be our most popular selection."

Center Of My Soul
a spiritual intimacy song,
effective for entering into corporate or private worship

Sung by church choirs in 
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, India and South Africa!

Lord You’re the center of my soul
Both my beginning and my goal
All that I am and all that I’ll be
Draws from the life You give me

You are my wisdom and my strength
On You in all I can depend
Once I was broken, now I’m whole

Lord You’re the center of my soul
    (repeat to beginning)

You bring the meaning to my days
You are the purpose in my ways
Once I was empty, now I’m full
Lord You’re the center of my soul
Lord You’re the center of my soul


We are using the wonderful song by Rev. Steve Misarski - "Hallelujah! Jesus Is Lord!"
in our Easter Sunday evening concerts... I have done a track for it and our 
senior choir will be singing ... they love it ... and to know how and 
where it was composed is inspiring both to them and to me as a composer... 
Please pass on my sincere thanks to Rev. Misarski... Those who are set here 
to provide music for God's army - must continue to do so...and bravely 
hedging the topics or making them 'candy sweet'...our songs need to tell it like it is...! 
So, Steve's song is just that...honest and sweet in it's content! 
(Brian, from Canada)


Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord
a lively celebration of Christ's resurrection
written by Rev. Stephen M. Misarski

Sung in Australia and India!

Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord
Hallelujah, death is no more
Hallelujah, hope is restored
Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord

1. He was dead in the grave
And all hope had vanished away
He arose; He’s alive
And I’m ready to shout it on high

2. I was dead in my sins
Bound for hell and darkness within
By His love, I’m alive
Heaven’s gates are opened wide

3. We’re alive in the Son
Longing for the day He will come
In a flash, trumpet blast
Christ the Victor will raise us at last !


"We sang "He Shall Be Called" in our Christmas meeting last Sunday 
and it was great!  Our pastor spoke in our morning meeting about 
Immanuel, God with us, how God wants to communicate with us from 
face to face.  And in the Christmas meeting he spoke about the Blood and 
about the cross, how Jesus was born to die for us.   So your song and the words 
were in the same anointing as the Christmas messages..."
(Lea, from Finland)


Thank you for the "He Shall Be Called"  music.  
Our choir at St Luke United Methodist Church sang it
the first Sunday in Advent for our anthem.  
The congregation liked it so well, I decided for us to sing it (1st verse)
as a Call to Worship, which we are doing every Sunday
for the Advent season.  We have a young man who plays the guitar
along with the piano. The congregation loves to sing it!
Attached is a picture of our choir singing the song on November 27, 2005.  
(Patty, Choir Director from South Carolina


He Shall Be Called
a carol focusing on the names and nature of Jesus

Sung by many church choirs around the world

He shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God
He shall be called Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
His name is Jesus, for He will save His people from sin
His name Immanuel, God with man

Jesus is called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God
Jesus is called Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
His name is Jesus, for He saves His people from sin
His name Immanuel, God with man
His name Immanuel, God with man

We praise Your name Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God
We praise Your name Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
We love You Jesus, for You save Your people from sin
We love You Immanuel, God with man
We love You Immanuel, God with man


I got to know about your website through the Internet when searching for Christmas songs... 
My choir really likes "He Shall Be Called".  I want to use more (of your) songs with my choir. 
(Sola Adetutu, from Nigeria)


No words can express how happy and excited I am listening
and choosing hymns I would be using in church for our little ones. The tunes indeed are very good, easy,
and catchy that the children of our parish would pick up very easily...

I have already picked a few from your "Songbook 2"
i.e., "Holy Holy Holy", "Peace I Give To You", "Doxology Round" (I really like this one), "Children of Light"
(I like this one too). Each one of your songs are simply beautiful and deserves publishing...
(Email from Eunice)

Heavens and Earth
a joyful song of thanksgiving from Psalm 136

Sung in Finland and South Africa !

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good
God of all gods and Lord of all lords
He does great wonders and made the creation
His lovingkindness is everlasting
His lovingkindness is everlasting

        Heavens and earth (xx),
        Oceans and stars (xx)