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Encouraging saints around the world since 1991 !!!


Over the years, the Lord has given me around 1400 Scripture-based choruses.
85% of these were beneficial in helping me develop the craft of songwriting, but will
mercifully remain buried in a stack of cassettes and notebooks in my music room.
Included in this index are 220 or so that might be useful in the Lord's service.

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Song Index (A - Hos)

BB = Body Builders (1979)
IKH = In The Knowledge Of Him (1991)
BCL = Before The Coming Lord (1992)
= Songs Of New Hope
(public worship songs, compiled 1992)
LAA = Lord Of All Ages (songs for kids, compiled 1993)
CF = Closest Friends (1993)
WDG = We Declare Your Glory (1994)
QM =  Quieter Moments (peaceful songs of reflection, compiled 1995)
NWG = New Works Of Grace (1999)
IAP = I Am Persuaded (2008)
SFS = Songs From The Sanctuary (2016)
TSL = This Season Of Life (2017)
RED = Redeemed !!  (2018)

RA = Real Audio file 
M = MIDI file
MP3 = MP3 file
PDF = PDF Sheet Music


"Your songs are truly from the Lord... I have used them for the girls retreat, 
lady's Bible study and my own personal worship." 

(email from Barbara)

Abba Father 1991 In Jesus we come to You IKH, CF, RA, MP3, M, PDF
All Glory and Praise 1997 All glory and praise to the Ancient of Days  
All That Is True 2017 All that is true, pure, noble and lovely, set your mind on these things RED, M, PDF
Am I A Soldier
(lyrics by Isaac Watts)
1996 Am I a soldier of the cross SFS, MP3
Amazing Grace Round
(lyrics by John Newton)
2004 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound   SFS, MP3, M
And This I Pray (Phil. 1:9) 1979 And this I pray, that your love may abound BB, MP3, M, PDF
Anything 2018, 2002 Anything, anything, I can do anything   SFS, RED, MP3, M, PDF
As I Enter 1979 Lord, as I enter into this sweet time of prayer  SFS, MP3
As I Lay Down In Peace 1995 As I lay down in peace upon my bed to sleep, God's Spirit watches over me SFS, MP3
As The Trees 1996 As the trees of the woods lift their branches NWG, RA, M, MP3, PDF
Before The Coming Lord 1992 Let the heavens be glad, let the earth rejoice BCL, SNH, RA, MP3, M, PDF
Behold The Virgin 1995 For behold the virgin shall be with child  
Believe In The Lord 1995 Believe in the Lord, believe in the Lord SFS, MP3
Benediction 1994 May you grow in the grace and the knowledge NWG, MP3, M, PDF
Benediction (May The Grace) 2006 May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ SFS, M,  MP3
Benediction (Numbers 6:25-26) 2002 The Lord make His face shine upon you SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Bethlehem 1995 Bethlehem, land of Judah, you are no means least among the rulers of Judah  
Bless The Lord (Calypso) 1991 Bless the Lord, o my soul IKH, SNH, RA, M, MP3, PDF
Blessed Is The Man 1979 Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord BB, MP3
Bringing In The King Of King     
(with Lenny Smith)
1997 The prophets and the musicians were rejoicing in the Lord
Bringing The Presence Of Jesus 1997 Bringing the presence of Jesus to the world IAP, MP3, M, PDF
By The Mercies Of God 1999 By the mercies of God I present my body NWG, MP3, M, PDF
By Your Abundant Love 1991 By Your abundant love I will enter Your house IKH, MP3, M, PDF
Center Of My Soul 1992 Lord You're the center of my soul BCL, SNH, CF, RA, M, MP3, PDF
Children Of Light 2003 You were once darkness but now you are light, now you are light in the Lord SFS, MP3, M, PDF
Christ Has Risen From The Grave  (with Daisy Augustine) 2016 Halleluia, Halleluia! ...  Christ has risen from the grave TSL, M,  MP3
Come To Me (Come, Take, Learn) 1992 Come, come to me all who are weary BCL, CF, SNH, RA, M, MP3,  PDF
Content In All Things 1991 Lord help me to be content in all things IKH, MP3,  M, PDF


Lord, what can I do for You BB, MP3
Do All To The Glory Of God 2017 Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God RED, M, PDF
Do Not Fear 1994 Do not fear, do not fear. For I am with you SFS, MP3, M, PDF
Doxology Round #1
(lyrics by Thomas Ken)
1992 Praise God from whom all blessings flow BCL, MP3, M,  PDF
Doxology Round #2
(lyrics by Thomas Ken)
2016 Praise God from whom all blessings flow TSL, MP3
Emmanuel 1994 For behold the virgin shall be with Child  
Evening Prayer 1979 Thank You for the day that You just brought me through BB, MP3, M, PDF
Face to Face (dedicated to Wayne and Clay Jacobsen) 1995 Face to face, heart to heart, You and I precious Lord, in this quiet place apart, together  IAP, M, MP3, PDF
Faithful Is The Lord 1978 Faithful is the Lord (2x), more faithful than the rising sun in the morning IAP, MP3, M,  PDF
Fearfully And Wonderfully Made 1991 I praise You because I have been fearfully and wonderfully made IKH, MP3, M,   PDF
First To Last 1993 First to last, faith to faith SFS, MP3
From Him, Through Him and To Him (Receive His Grace) 1991 Receive His Grace, believe in faith IKH, SNH, RA, M, MP3, PDF
Give Ear To My Prayer 1991 Give ear to my prayer Lord, look on me IKH, MP3
Glory To The Righteous One 1996 Glory to the Righteous One NWG, MP3,  M, PDF
God Is Everywhere 1983 All around, up and down, here and there IKH, LAA, MP3,  M, PDF
God Is Healer 2015 God is healer of the body, healer of the soul, healer of the spirit TSL, MP3,  M,   PDF
God Is Our Refuge 1991 God is our refuge and our strength IKH, MP3,  M,   PDF
God Made You
(written with Sandra Methe)
1993 God made you, God made me, to work together in harmony SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
God Will Take Care Of You 1995 God will take care of you SFS, MP3
God's True Son
(lyrics by Lars Lovegren)
2004 We have hiked up this mountain together   M, PDF
Grace 1979 For the food set before us BB, MP3
Gracious and Merciful 1994 Gracious and merciful, slow to anger WDG, MP3, M, PDF
Great and Marvelous 2018, 1993 Great and marvelous are Your works CF, WDG, MP3, M, PDF
Halleluia (For The Lord Our God) 1996 Halleluia, for the Lord our God the Almighty Reigns (repeat)
Halleluia, (Salvation and Glory) 1996 Halleluia, Halleluia, salvation and glory and power
Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord
(written by Stephen Misarski)
2001 Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord,
Hallelujah, death is no more
IAP, MP3,  M,   PDF
Have You Ever Heard..? 1992 Have you ever heard a duck praise the Lord? BCL, LAA, MP3,  M,  PDF
He Has Shown You 1996 He has shown you what is good SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
He Shall Be Called 1991 He shall be called Wonderful Counselor IKH, RA, M, MP3, PDF
Heavens And Earth 1992 Give thanks to the Lord for He is good BCL, SNH, LAA, RA, M, MP3,  PDF
Help Me To Appreciate 1979 Help me to appreciate You more Lord BB, MP3, M,  PDF
His Grace Is Sufficient 1991 His grace is sufficient for me IKH, MP3, M,  PDF
Holy and Awesome 1994 Holy and awesome is your name BCL, WDG, MP3, M,   PDF
Holy One of Israel 1994 Holy One of Israel, Righteous Rock WDG, MP3, M,   PDF
Holy, Holy, Holy 1996 Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty NWG, MP3, M, PDF
Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove 2016 Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove TSL, MP3, M, PDF
Hosanna (It's Jesus!!) 1995 Hosanna, hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord NWG, RA, M, MP3,  PDF

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