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Over the years, the Lord has given me around 1400 Scripture-based choruses.
85% of these were beneficial in helping me develop the craft of songwriting, but will
mercifully remain buried in a stack of cassettes and notebooks in my music room.
Included in this index are 220 or so that might be useful in the Lord's service.

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Song Index (Hot - R)

BB = Body Builders (1979)
IKH = In The Knowledge Of Him (1991)
BCL = Before The Coming Lord (1992)
= Songs Of New Hope (public worship songs, compiled 1992)
LAA = Lord Of All Ages (songs for kids, compiled 1993)
CF = Closest Friends (1993)
WDG = We Declare Your Glory (1994)
QM =  Quieter Moments (peaceful songs of reflection, compiled 1995)
NWG = New Works Of Grace (1999)
IAP = I Am Persuaded (2008)
SFS = Songs From The Sanctuary (2016)
TSL = This Season Of Life #1 (2014-2017)
TSL2 = This Season Of Life #2 (2018-2019)
RED = Redeemed !! (2018)
STS = Singing The Scriptures #1 (2018)
STS2 = Singing The Scriptures #2 (2018-2019)

RA = Real Audio file
M = MIDI file
MP3 = MP3 file
PDF = PDF Sheet Music



How Awesome Is This Place 2000 I see angels ascending, descending IAP,  M,  MP3,  PDF
How Beautiful You Are 1995 I will rejoice in you and be glad, oh so glad IAP,  MP3
How Blessed Is The Man (sanctified blues) 1996 Don't walk with the wicked, don't sit with the scoffer, don't stand with the sinner... IAP, MP3
How Precious Is Your Love 1993 Your love, o Lord, extends to the heavens CF, MP3,  M,  PDF
How Precious Is Your Love   (with Gerrit Gustafson) 2001 How precious is Your love, O God, we take refuge in the shelter of Your wings IAP, M,  MP3, PDF
How Sweet Are Your Words 2018, 1979 How sweet are Your words to my taste BB, MP3
Hush My Little Loved One 1992 Hush my little loved one, it's time now BCL, MP3,   M,  PDF
I Am An Ax 1986, 2016 I am an ax in my Master's hand RED, MP3
I Am Persuaded 1994 I am persuaded nothing can separate us IAP, MP3,  M,  PDF
I Am Satisfied
  (verses by Fanny Crosby)
2010 If He, my Lord, is with me still, and I in Him abide, M
I Am The Vine 1995 I am the vine, you are the branches SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
I Am With You 2000 I am with You, I will watch over you 
wherever you go (wherever you go)
I Have Called You 2005 I have called you, I have created you SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
I Have Loved You 1986 I have loved you with an everlasting love RED, MP3, M,  PDF
I Love You, Lord 1986 I love you, Lord, because You first loved me RED, MP3,  M
I Wait For The Lord 1979 I wait for the Lord, my soul waits BB, MP3, M,  PDF
I Was Glad 
(with Sarah Merrifield)
2002 I was glad when they said "Let us go to the house of the Lord" IAP, MP3, M,  PDF
I Will Give Thanks 2004 I will give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
I Will Go 1993 I will go where You want me to go CF, MP3,  M,  PDF
I Will Lift Up My Eyes 1991 I will lift up my eyes to the mountains IKH, MP3, M,  PDF
I Will Pour Out My Spirit  1993 I will pour out my Spirit in those days IAP, MP3
I Will Rise 1995 As for me I will watch expectantly for the Lord, I will watch  
I Will Walk 1996 I will walk in the ways of the Lord NWG, MP3, M,  PDF
If We Confess Our Sins 2018 If we confess our sins, He is faithful STS, MP3
If We Walk In The Light 2004 If we walk in the light, as He is in the light... SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
If You Love Me 2018 If you love Me, if you love Me
you will obey what I command
I'm A Child Of The King 2018, 1979 I'm a child of the King, He's my Father, He's my Friend BB, RED, MP3
I'm Grateful For The Cross 2003 Lord, I'm grateful for the cross, cruel cross that has set me free IAP, MP3, M,  PDF
I'm Plantin' A Seed 1992 I'm plantin' a seed, way down deep in the earth IAP, M, MP3
In Bethlehem  2016 In Bethlehem, the Prince of Peace TSL, MP3
In Every Single Situation 1979 In every single situation You put me through BB, BCL, MP3
In My Father's Hands
(with A.V. Overton)
2008 My Father's way may twist and turn IAP, MP3, M,  PDF
In My Heart  1996 In my heart, rule as Lord SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
In the Knowledge of Him 1991 I pray that the God of Our Lord Jesus IKH, CF, MP3
In The Splendor Of Your Courts 1992 I come, I long, to behold Your beauty CF, RA, M, MP3,  PDF
In The Still, Still Part of The Night 1995 In the still, still part of the night SFS, MP3
In Your Presence 2017 Holy Father, I come before You
to adore You, lovingly behold You
Into The Darkness 2015 Into the darkness Light is dawning TSL, M,  MP3,
It Is Good 2003 It is good to praise the Lord SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem 1994 Way down in the land of Judea, oh yeah NWG, MP3, M,  PDF
Jesus, You're The Way 2014 Jesus, You're the way SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Jesus, You're The Way (calypso version) 2014 Jesus, You're the way SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
John 3:16 Round 2018 For God so loved the world STS, MP3
Land That Drinks In The Rain 2001 Land that drinks in the rain (Hebrews 6:7) SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Lead Me To The Rock 2018, 1991 Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I IKH, MP3,  M,  PDF
Let All God's People Sing His Praise (new lyrics by Merrill Bergstedt) 2007 Let all God's people sing His praise M
Let Our Adventure Begin  2018 I take you to be my wife, to have and to hold for the rest of my life    TSL2, MP3,  M,  PDF
Let Us Draw Near  1995 Let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy    IAP, MP3
Let Us Go Into Your Dwelling Place  1995 Let us go into Your dwelling place, let us worship at Your feet, arise oh Lord to your resting place SFS, MP3
Let Us Go  (Hosea 6:1-3) 1993 Let us go (let us go), let us press on to know the Lord IAP, MP3
Let Your Light Shine 
(with Julie Joyner)
2002 Let your light shine before men (2x)   SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Let's Just Love The Lord 2003                           music only M,  PDF
Light, Into Darkness, Has Come 2016 We light this candle, a symbol of hope TSL, MP3, M, PDF
Like a Green Tree 1992 I am like a green tree in the house of God BCL, MP3, M, PDF
Like A Seed 2009 Like a seed pushed under the ground, so we are in You SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Like The Rising Sun 1992 Your love is like the rising sun BCL, SNH, MP3, M, PDF
Lord Be Magnified 1995 From the rising of the sun to the place where is goes down  
Lord, We Wait 2001 Lord, we wait for You SFS, MP3
Magnify The Lord With Me 1991 I will bless the Lord at all times IKH, M,   MP3
Make Your Way Clearer  1995 Make your way clearer, help me to know how You are leading, where I should go IAP,  MP3, M, PDF
May God Be Gracious 2003 May God be gracious to us and bless us SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
May You Be Exalted 1992 May You be exalted in my life BCL, LAA, MP3, M,  PDF
Mealtime Prayer (Grace) 1979 For the food set before us BB, MP3
Mercy, Peace and Love 1996 May mercy be magnified to you SFS, MP3
Mighty and Awesome 1995 Mighty and awesome, faithful and good IAP, MP3, M, PDF
Mighty One 1994 Mighty One, holy is Your name, Word of God, full of truth and grace WDG, MP3, M,  PDF
More Of You Lord 1992 More of You Lord, less of me BCL, MP3,   M,  PDF
My Father Can Do Anything 1979 My Father can do anything BB, IKH, MP3, M, PDF
My God, My Rock 1994 The Lord is my strength and my fortress WDG, MP3
My Soul With You 1992 Oh Lord my heart is not proud, nor my eyes lifted up BCL, SNH, CF, RA, MP3, M,  PDF
New Every Morning 1995 New every morning, fresh every day NWG, MP3, M,  PDF
Not By Might 2001 "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit" says the Lord SFS, MP3, M,  PDF
Now Our God 2000 Now Our God we give thanks to You IAP, MP3, M,  PDF
O Clap Your Hands 1995 O clap your hands all ye people  
O Give Thanks 1993 O give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name  
Oh The Wondrous Cross
    (lyrics by Charles Wesley)
1996 When I survey the wondrous cross NWG, RA, MP3, M,  PDF
Oh What A Sight 1974 Oh what a sight on Christmas morning SFS, M,  MP3
On This Your Birthday 2008 On this your birthday may you be
Filled with laughter, joy and peace
One Thing 1991 One thing, just one thing I have asked of the Lord. IKH, MP3, M PDF
Only Jesus Satisfies 1991 Only Jesus satisfies, there's no other I desire.  No one's sweeter, none is higher IKH, MP3, M,  PDF
Open My Eyes 1979, 2008 Open my eyes that I may behold BB, MP3, M,  PDF
Open The Doors 1993 Open the doors You want opened CF, MP3M, PDF
Open The Eyes Of My Heart 1993 Open the eyes of my heart Lord CF, MP3, M, PDF
Our Welcome Song 2016 In Jesus' name we welcome you TSL, M,  MP3
Paul Planted 1994 Paul planted, Apollos watered SFS, MP3, M, PDF
Peace I Give To You (I Receive) 1996 Peace I give to you (repeat) NWG, MP3, M,  PDF
Pleasing In Your Sight 2004 May the words of my mouth be pleasing in Your sight IAP, MP3, M, PDF
Praise and Glory (with Johan Komrij) 1994, 2017 Praise and glory, wisdom and thanks WDG, MP3, M,  PDF
Praise The Lord, All Nations 1992 Praise the Lord all nations, laud Him all peoples, for His lovingkindness is great BCL, MP3, M,  PDF
Praise God For His Salvation  new lyrics by Merrill Bergstedt 2007 Praise God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit - Three in One!
Remember Me 2018 & 1993 Remember me, O my God, and show mercy to me according to Your great love... RED, SFS, MP3
Righteousness and Justice 1994 Righteousness and justice are the foundation WDG, MP3, M,  PDF
Robe Of Righteousness
(dedicated to Wayne Jacobsen)
1993 Feel the robe of righteousness slip around your shoulders CF, MP3, M,  PDF
Romans 4:19-22 1979  And without becoming weak in faith BB, MP3
Romans 6:23 2018 & 1991  For the wages of sin is death STS, M,  PDF

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